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You will have 30 HOURS OF SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS!  Always wanted to experience a circus artist’s lifestyle? This is your chance! We are going to break down the workshops into 5h training days that will include following classes:

We will ALSO take YOUR input once you arrive for your retreat and we will then further customize the schedule to include any requested skills or specialized workshops to suit the needs of all retreat participants for a finalized completely customized retreat schedule unique to your needs and preferences.

Note: We will customize the material and deliver it according to your needs in addition to preplanned classes. What skills are on your wish list?  Is it a drop on Silks that you were hesitant to attempt without the right coaching? Is it a roll on the Lyra that you noticed on YouTube but modified to your shoulder mobility level? Or maybe it’s trying a new unique apparatus such as Cube or Spiral and discover new ways of moving your body in the air?  Leave a comment in our group discussion!

We will also have a full rest day when we will do a minor travelling to a major world-famous Ekaterina’s Palace to see amazing Amber Room itself! And to complete the day and get over the sorness we will go to Russian sauna – banya!

Class Descriptions

Intro to AcrobaticsCircus StretchingSilksLyraModern ChoreographyUnique apparatusConditioning & Drills
Intro to Acrobatics is a class where you will be introduced to basic acro skills such as forearm balancing, headstand, crock and ect. This class will definitely help you to cartwheel out of your comfort zone!  You don’t have to have sport or circus background to start building new skills – you’ve just got to start!
We don’t want to scare you away with the world “contortion”, but we will take your flexibility in our hands. Literally. No matter where you are in your flexy journey – we will help you to safely stretch your limits by teaching your body and mind to open up.
Silks  (beginner/intermediate) – from a several different ways of gracefully climbing the fabrics to balancing in the split or a handstand (!!!) to exiting drops and slides in the air, along with unique combos silks class is the prof that the sky is not our limit!
Lyra – #aerialhoop #cerceau. Spins, shapes, rolls, span set work, hangs and a whole lot more. Get your hands ready!
How do I approach my apparatus to start the act? What do I do in between my aerial combinations? How do I catch my breath during the routine? Modern Choreography class addresses those questions answering in unpredictable acting ways, incorporating character work into your routine.
Ready to try something different? How about Aerial Spiral? Or Cube? Trapeze perhaps?  We will have good couple hours in our aerial playground exploring mounts and climbs, catching the spinning momentum  while striking pretty poses and moves up in the air!
Of course no one goes home without a handful of homework! Aerial conditioning is the KEY to safe and mighty training in anything you do. Struggling with inversions but feel strong in other moves? There may be a miscommunication between your muscle groups, which is a very common thing when we train without knowing the right techniques. Let us guide you and show the right techniques that will translate throughout all of your aerial disciplines. 

Resident Coaches

Svetlana Navrotskaya

Tanya Goryachova

Elena Rusina

Natasha Radionova

Maria Orlova


Aglaya Hotel & Courtyard
Razyezzhaya ulitsa 38,
Tsentralny, 191119
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Featuring english-speaking staff, free WiFi and a roof terrace, our hotel is set just minutes from downtown. There is a delicious on-site restaurant with a full bar and coffee options to enjoy and each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels.  All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom where you will find free toiletries and a hairdryer.